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Our approach is quite simple. With a combine 20+ years in video marketing consulting, our team has found the most resourceful tool in our arsenal are our ears. Listening, and identifying what our partner's needs are through a list of pointed questions is the  strongest way to build powerful video marketing assets. When we consult with our respective lead, or partners, we purposely do not inject our creative ideas at the onset of our consultation. Once we have identified a problem, or need, we might give the client some homework to think about and "chew on". Our approach is much similar to business therapy; getting you, and your team to ask a series of questions that you might not normally ask yourself. From there we can then start to build, and think creatively to deliver the biggest impact for your video marketing campaign! 

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Our dedicated staff are committed to bringing your big video ideas to life. From drafting treatments, to conceptualizing with storyboarding, and developing comprehensive scripts with strategic goals in mind, you can rest assured that your vision, and goals will be implemented. Our video pre-production services are the foundation in which our video marketing content is forged. This process is a crucial step that we encourage our partners to partake in where applicable. 


Pre-Production Service Types Include:

  • Competitor R&D 

  • Drafting

  • Storyboarding

  • 3D Rendering

  • Script Writing

  • Brand Strategy

  • Capital Campaign Development

  • Location Scouting

  • Casting

  • Brief Writing

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