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Are you considering high quality film products to drive your next media campaign? If you are a public, private, elementary / middle / high school, vocational, college, or conservatory, you must remain competitive. In this modern age, families have an abundance of choices, and are even deciding to live in certain regions specifically for their school systems. It’s no longer an option to let the prestige of your establishment, or the success of your academic scoring serve as the lead source for your admissions. In order to capture your audience, you must utilize modern tools that can perform the heavy lifting for you.

At Capion we forge film tools that enable you to leverage your institutions selling points, backed by analytical data, allowing you to measure your campaigns success. Unlike traditional forms of “throw-away” media that are limited in their scope such as print, radio, or billboard advertisements, film products serve as a culmination of all of these elements combine. These smart tools can then be measured with annotations, or specific call to actions, and be utilized in a variety of ways. With our film tools, you can immerse your audience with the sights, sounds, and stories of your institution. You can speak directly to your audience through strong advocacy and success stories. You can even showcase new features, or offerings your institution provides over the competition. Take a look at each of our product types, and sign up for services today!



TV & Internet Commercials can be the most direct way to advertise your institution. Direct response adverts are likely to cover the widest spread in your market. As you start to develop your foothold on the market however, a brand can slowly transit from the direct response model. Institutions can then find themselves taking liberties, constructing more creative, narrative based pieces to advertise their brand. At Capion, we spend some time to figure out what’s the best model for you.  We will work you to develop the advert that is going to make the biggest splash. The greatest thing about these adverts however, is they can be broadcasted to both television and internet. This enables the institution to have flexibility in their broadcasting budget. You could focus on covering a wide geographical area via the medium of television. Alternatively with internet broadcast, you can pay as you go to pin point directly where your adverts are being viewed on social media. Both of these choices each have their merits, but they both are empowering to the institution with great rewards. 



Authenticity is everything when highlighting your strengths. This is because we are being marketed to at every second of our lives. In the modern age of marketing, our leads are extremely perceptive, so a level of transparency is required. When we work with schools, we spend a great deal of time learning what your strengths, and weaknesses may be. We have found true advocacy can be the strongest component to highlighting a certain aspect of your institution. With our Highlight Tools you can speak directly to your target demographic, or generate new leads all together.


Highlight Tool Features & Applications


  • Focus and showcase your strengths.​

  • Create center pieces to your campaigns, presenting information in digestible chunks.

  • Speak directly to your target demographic with topics they care about.

  • Educate and generate all new leads by discussing talking points through the medium of film. 

  • Cast and develop strong advocates that evoke trust, bridging the gap between the consumer and your institution. 

  • Capture analytical data driven directly by your Highlight Tool.