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Three Creative Ways To Integrate UAV Drone Content Into Your Adverts

Updated: May 5, 2021

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Drone footage has sort of become a commodity in the world of creative content, and video advertisement. It’s no secret that these tools can create powerful, sweeping imagery of your landscapes, even making their way into the interiors of homes, or facilities. Generally speaking, audiences have become desensitized to drone footage. With this technology coming in at such a low point of entry, the only barrier in monetizing these tools is the acquisition of a Part 107 license. Thus, these shots have become democratized, at least in the non-monetized arena.

It should be noted, over using this type of content can actually have an adverse effect on your audience. Linger on a shot too long, and risk losing your audience retention. Use these shots too much, and alienate your audience with a perspective they cannot relate to. This type of content needs to be used sparingly, and at the right moments. In this short article, we will go over three creative ways to integrate UAV drone content, and how to leverage them with your video marketing tool sets.

· Bookends; at Capion Studio we have used this type of technique for years. It always wows our clients & audience to increase our production value. It also serves as an establishing shot for the piece. They work sort of like the “Jurassic Park doorway” if you will into the world we are about to paint. This is placed strategically at the front and back end of the video, giving a thematic undertone, or “book cover” feel with the open & close. Using the imagery of a landscape, building, or structure however is not enough. We amplify our establishing shots by using motion graphics, pushing, and pulling our subjects into the titles, or a call to action. For a big brand video, or capital campaign it’s not uncommon for us to title the piece, and then quite literally fly through the text. With drone footage, its all about moving past objects to reveal something, which in turns creates the sensation of flying. Without it, a landscape, or building lacks dimensionality and depth. So this is two fold;

· Create a sweeping establishing / closing shot to enter, and exit our audience from the video. Gain perspective on the world from a greater height (quite literally).

· Utilize motion graphics to offer a thematic undertone that coincides with your branding, as well as offer a call to action as the audience exits the piece. Push & pull through your motion graphics to add depth, and nuance that would otherwise be a flat, lingering shot.



· FVP Motion; Be careful with this one, you can make your audience sick! With that cautionary advice out of the way, FVP (short for first person view) can really blows the doors off your video. Like all aerial drone shots, it has to be used appropriately, but it can add a heighted sense of flying for your audience. Unlike traditional drone footage that have corrective, balanced motion in the roll, tilt and yaw axis, FPV drones are traditionally gimbal-less. Since the camera is hard mounted to the frame of the aircraft, this means when the drone banks, the camera banks with it, skewing your horizon. This can give the exhilarating, fast feel of flight which is akin to a bird. This is amplified when you move quickly past objects, land masses, or structures. It’s best application is utilized with motor sports, tier 1 car commercials, or large land masses that need very fast coverage in a short period of time.

EXAMPLES: (credit Ellis Van Jason)


· Top Downs; Exactly as the name implies, shots looking straight downward, or “nadir” can really add perspective to a piece. There is a ton of symmetry in our environments either man made, or natural. Often when we focus on a top down shot, this can pull our audience in immediately to our content with the “bigger picture”. Oddly, Top Downs aren’t used too often in commercial pieces, and that’s probably a good thing as it needs to have a specific purpose. At Capion Studio, we’ve used these types of shots in nature, to infrastructure, even to over people at events with our part 133 certificate for a closed set permit. Each of our shots can be extremely engaging to our audience, and almost feel surreal. Like Bookends, when you pair a top down with motion graphic tracking along with annotations you can create very powerful content for practical applications as well as inspection overviews.


These are just a few of the creative ideas you can utilize in conjunction with UAV drone technology. In a tasteful, and conservative fashion, drone shots can be strategically leveraged to enhance your production value, heighten the senses of your audience, or give a view that can offer some utility. At Capion Studio, we offer a Part 107 certificate for all monetized drone applications, as well as a combine 35+ years of licensed aviation experience. With our services, you can rest easy that you’re in good hands, and that we will get you the shot!

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